Local/Domestic L/C discounting

We provide finance to our clients by discounting their inland bills drawn under letters of credit, if the documents are strictly in terms with Letter of Credit conditions and on receipt of acceptance from the Letter of Credit issuing bank. This service is with an aim to promote trade and solve liquidity problem.

Buyers Credit / Suppliers Credit

We understand our client’s requirements for short term credits. We help both buyer and supplier credit be made available at least compliance and at best rates. Any deal that has to be clinched in a short period of time requires credits. With our speedy services we wish to bridge the gap to help you succeed in financial needs and consultancy.

Export L/C discounting

If the seller wants immediate payment, but the buyer is not able to pay the same off immediately, we offer to pay the seller for goods. The exporter is thus benefited through friendly and suitable funds that can help you stay a step ahead with continuous flow of funds for speedy business. So, no waiting anymore, we are your best financial reliant partner, you can trust on!

Factoring of invoice

Forfeiting is a factoring management used in international trade finance by exporters who wish to sell their services or products to a forfeiter. Factoring is in general terms referred to as, accounts receivable factoring & invoice factoring. This process can enable settlement of fast payment with minimum compliance and smooth transaction process.

SBLC/ Foreign BG

Just starting a business or thinking to enter a new industry is very difficult in the initial stages because of the disability to provide a sense of protection to the other party, getting in to the business with you. To solve this issue, we offer SBLC/ Foreign BG that can assist you in such matters.

Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) SBLC (MT-760) is a written commitment of a bank that issues it to pay a certain amount of money on behalf of the bank's client in favor of a beneficiary in case the client/buyer is not able to fulfill its financial obligation to the beneficiary/seller.


This helps you in:


  • Raising Loans and Credit Lines.
  • Security for other credit facilities such as Trade Finance.
  • Surety and other third party financial commitments.
  • Trading and Overdraft security.

Unsecured Loan from Banks

There are minute demands in a business which always come at an uncertain time. To solve them and avoid financial compliance issues, we offer Unsecured Loan for almost all purposes. This facility gets you a robust push in your business because you don’t have to think about trivial finances anymore.

Our team not only provides you this service but also advices you in perspective of your financial position so that you do not suffer any monetary shortcomings.

Syndication of Credit Limits ( CC/EPC/ Term Loan etc.)

Sometimes obtaining a big demand in terms of finance from a single source is a complicated task. Hence, in this case we help you with getting a Syndicated loan, that is a service in which a number of lenders comply to your financial requirements. So any amount is not difficult to raise for the growth of your business, trust us, we are with you.


With fraudulent activities up-scaling in a business, sometimes the urgency to meet a financial obligation becomes an utmost priority. A quick mortgaging facility is what we provide, to avoid wasting of time and helping you to solve your financial crunch as soon as possible.

Reimbursement Financing

This is another financing structure wherein a LC is routed through beneficiary's bank. We make arrangements for a bank that can finance the beneficiary on receipt of claim. This process also requires bank’s acceptance of the proposal. The importer enjoys multiple benefits from this structure:


  • The documents are negotiated with the beneficiary bank
  • The importer receives foreign currency funds at cheaper costs
  • The reimbursement clauses are inbuilt into the LC

Housing Loan

Home is the abode of heaven and we help you reach your dream. With our easy housing loans, there is no dream so distant now. Less of complications and assistance at every step is what we do. We understand that this is not just a loan, but it is an important one-time investment for you.

Construction Project Finance

The payment plans that construction companies are expected to deliver are extremely helpful for their customers but sometimes leave these companies (builders) with less financial autonomy. In such a scenario, we assist you in getting funds against your project’s sales receivables.

Bank Guarantee

A Bank guarantee is a promise from a lending institution that the liabilities of a debtor will be met in the event where a debtor fails to settle a debt. This is insurance for your business, because we understand how losses can hamper your work flow and hence we back you up with protection from uncertainties.

Insurance/ Marine Insurance

Insurance against property, business, vehicles and much more… are all a part of package that has evolved to ensure safety of a product or a property. We Insure individual’s health, property or product because we know it is precious. Similarly, apart from general Insurance there are also policies that cover other types of risks like those in the sea. The cover against any listed destruction or damage even in Marine can be a huge damage for a company if its assets are not insured with.

At GK Finance we can help you identify and understand the sectors that can arise and help chalk out a relevant plan that suits the best and relieves you as a company of the hassles involved. Advisory services, Finance raising against receivables and much more… You tell us what are you looking for through our listed expertise and our team of experts are at your service.